Stayf Eyvind Earle BrushSet Procreate

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This is the Eyvind Earle BrushSet for Procreate. The brushset has 17 brushes to paint in the style of Disney artist Eyvind Earle. In this BrushSet

1. Stayf-Eyvind-Taper

A brush to make silhouettes with.

2. Stayf-Eyvind-Dry

A dry brush with some structure

3. Stayf-Eyvind-Wet

A gouache brush which pick up paint and blends

4. Stayf-Eyvind-Bush

A structure brush to paint bushes and foliage

5. Stayf-Eyvind-Stucture

A structure brush to paint stones and the bark of a tree

6. Stayf-Eyvind-Grain

Grainy brush to paint lager backgrounds

7. Stayf-Eyvind-Nozzle

A structured brush for the bark of a tree

8. Stayf-Eyvind-Bark

A big structured brush for the structure of the bark of a tree

9. Stayf-Eyvind-Leaves

A patterned brush to paint leaves of a tree with color dynamics

10. Stayf-Eyvind-Leaves-Scatter

A scattered brush to under paint foliage

11. Stayf-Eyvind-TreeStamp

A structured brush to dab graphic structure on a tree and foliage with color dynamics

12. Stayf-Eyvind-Dots

A scattered brush  to under paint of the bark of the tree or foliage

13. Stayf-Eyvind-Foliage-Flower

A patterned brush with color dynamics to paint flowers on foliage

14. Stayf-Eyvind-Foliage2

Patterned brush with color dynamics to paint foliage flowers

15. Stayf-Eyvind-Fern

A random brush to paint fern

16. Stayf-Eyvind-Plant

A stamp brush to paint a plant

17. Stayf-Eyvind-Trees

A stamp brush to paint Eyvind Earle trees used in Sleeping Beauty

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Last updated, July 29, 2023

Last updated Jul 29, 2023

17 custom Procreate Brushes to paint in the style of Disney Artist Eyvind Earle

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Stayf Eyvind Earle BrushSet Procreate

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