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Stayf Engrave BrushSet

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Stayf Engrave BrushSet

Stayf Draws
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I have created the Stayf Engrave BrushSet to use in Procreate to make illustrations in the style of the sixteens century. For a museum exhibition I had to draw illustrations in the wood engraving style. I created these brushes  over a period of 3 years and they are now finally available as a BrushSet for Procreate. I studied wood engraving by such as Albrecht Dürer, Gustave Doré and many others. Wood engraving is a relief process. You have to cut away the white in the drawing in order to keep the line. These brushes you can use in both ways: engraving (erasing) and etching (drawing). The brushes are named after the engrave tools that are used for wood engraving for print.

1. Stayf-ink Big
This brush lets you cut away big sections of your drawing. It can also be used to ink in a wide variety and on high resolution images

2. Stayf-Stickpicker-Big
The stickpicker is use to cut away lines in your drawing. You can use it with the erase tool to cut away sections or use it with the brush tool to draw. You have to draw slowly with this brush to get the precision you want if you want to draw parallel lines. This brush has a lot of stabilisation to achieve this. This is the widest stickpicker.

3. Stayf-Stickpicker-Medium
This stickpicker has a medium width to achieve the same effect as his bigger brother.

4. Stayf Stickpicker-Small
This stickpicker has a small width to achieve the same effect as his bigger brother.

5. Stayf-engrave-Dot
In engraving you can also create small dots. With this brush you can use the eraser and brush to create small dots to built up a gradient and interesting effects.

6. Stayf-Engrave-Dots
This brush has multiple dots to create a dotted effect. You can use it to create a gradient in metal or create foliage with the eraser or brush

7. Stayf-Tint3
There are  5 Tint brushes in this brushset. You can use them with the erase tool and with the brush tool. In engraving you create tints with crosshatching. This brush has three lines to speed up the process.

8. Stayf-Tint6
This brush has 6 line to create parallel lines when you draw or erase. You can also use it for crosshatching

9. Stayf-Tint7
This brush has 7 parellel lines but with a random structure to create a more analog effect. You can draw and erase with this brush and crosshatch.

10. Stayf-Tint10
This brush has 10 parallel lines to erase or draw with. You can also use it for crosshatching.

11. Stayf-Tint16
This brush has 16 parallel lines to erase or draw with. You can also use it for crosshatching.

12. Stayf-EtchRake
This brush creates  parallel lines and is set to the canvas. By default it creates perpendicular lines. When you rotate your canvas with 90 degrees it creates horizontal lines. When you rotate your canvas in a different degree the brush will be set to the degree. This brush is great for drawing skies or filling in a tint in larger areas.

13. Stayf-EtchRake-Fine
This brush creates smaller lines as the Stayf-EtchRake. You can create the same effect with it.

14. Stayf-Line-Calligraphy
This brush follows the stroke, creating a calligraphy when drawing. This is great for writing text, or using for tints that you want to taper down. This brush has 6 parallel lines.

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Procreate Digital Engraving brushes to draw in a 16th century style

wood engrave brushes
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