Stayf Procreate Watercolor Set

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The Stayf Procreate Watercolor Set by Stayf Draws has 6 watercolor brushes to paint in the style of Beatrix Potter. Includes are color Swatches by Winsor & Newton and 11 scans of Watercolor paper by Arches. With this brush set you can really paint watercolors digitally.

This Stayf Watercolor Set Procreate includes: 


Procreate brush to create big watercolor washes to start of your watercolor painting. You can also use this brush to create a paper structure to paint on top of.


This is the main watercolor brush you can almost paint any watercolor with. The brush has a taper, so the harder you press the bigger the stroke. If you keep your Apple Pencil on the screen you can create washes and build up your colors slowly. Use the tilt function of this brush to paint larger areas.


Ink your watercolors the old-fashioned way like Beatrix Potter with this structured dip-pen. The brush has a taper, so the harder you press the bigger the stroke.


Use this brush for some dry brush techniques.


Is a big watercolor brush with an edge structure. The brush builds up with transparent layers just like a real watercolor brush. Use the same brush with the Smudge Tool and blend your colors on the canvas.


Is a watercolor brush with a taper. When you press lightly you will get less water and the brush size will be smaller. The harder you press the more paint it will give and the bigger the brush becomes. This brush is great for adding detail to your painting. Use the same brush with the Smudge Tool and blend your colors on the canvas.

Winsor&Newton Watercolor Swatches

These are the watercolor colors of Winsor&Newton, one of the best watercolor manufacturers. Use these colors to come close to painting on paper.

11 scans of watercolor paper in different sizes and grains

Arches Cold-pressed fine grain, cotton hot-pressed, cotton hot-pressed rough.

Letter at 300 dpi

A4 at 300 dpi

A3 at 300 dpi


7100 pixels x 5000 pixels 

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Last updated, July 29, 2023

Last updated Jul 29, 2023

Procreate Watercolor Brushes, scans from real watercolor paper in different sizes


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Stayf Procreate Watercolor Set

3 ratings
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